Farm Fresh Beef - All Natural

natural beef at Schuett FarmsAmount of Beef
A whole beef will yield between 750 and 800 pounds of processed beef for your freezer. Most people split a half or purchase a quarter. BEEF BREAKDOWN
Beef Cuts from Schuett Farms in Mukwonago WICUTS Your beef is taken to a certified butcher where it is custom cut to your order preferences. For more information on the different beef cuts. View this PDF of Beef Cuts.
natural beef eating grass at Schuett Farms Natural? We receive a lot of questions on what it means to be natural. The USDA defines natural beef as a product that is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We go beyhond the USDA definition and feed our cattle only grain and hay and do not use antibiotics or growth promotants..
How to grill beef Grilling Guide Three easy steps for grilling.
1. Prepare Grill
2. Remove beef from fridge and season as desired.
3. Grill according to the chart..

BEEF - At Schuett Farms we strive to provide the best natural locally grown beef possible to our customers. We offer naturally feed beef meaning we feed corn and hay to our steers. Our beef is fed only the best grains, hay, and pasture. Because of this our beef remains naturally healthy so we do not use antibiotics or growth promotants.Beef is sold by the half, quarter, or whole. Your beef is taken to a certified butcher where it is custom cut to your preference.

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