Schuett Farms established in 1958

In 1958 Bob Schuett bought the main farm. At age 24 Rob Schuett bought a farm in 1978 and quickly began farming and making a living on the surrounding land. Rob started the farm with 5 cows and 200 pigs while farming 40 acres. A few years later we farmed over 1,200 acres of corn, soybeans, and hay.  We also increase the cattle herd to about 100. 

Throughout the years land became hard to come by and the total farm acreage and number of cows decreased through the 80s.

With available farm land decreasing and population growth we decided to start selling pumpkins at a small scale in 1991.  When we first started selling pumpkins we had a few rows of pumpkins in the front lawn.  Today we have expanded the pumpkins to offer pick-your-own, pick from the lawn, hay rides, corn maze and many other fun activities. 

In the late 90s we became known for our famous painted bales.  We had an idea to start painting pictures of pumpkin faces on the round bales. The set of three bales has become our trademark. Everyone in the area knows the bales!  Another great addition to the farm was our three legged dog “Shady” who has passed away but know we have one border collie “Alley” who help us work the cattle.

We started offering the Corn Maze in 2004. This was a big hit! Our biggest challenge was trying to cut the 1.5 acre maze by hand and hull it out through the maze path.  After the first year we found a much easier way to cut the maze. In 2016 the maze has grown to be over 9 acres. This is one of the biggest corn mazes in the area.

In 2005 we added pick-your-own pumpkins and in 2006 we added hayrides and catering to groups.

Shortly after adding pumpkins we began selling sweet corn on a card table in the front lawn for the local community.  The Sweet Corn stand was always a fun time for the kids to try and flag down the passing cars to buy sweet corn.  Brian Schuett the son of Rob Schuett started to run the sweet corn and produce portion of the farm during his college days 00-04 to help pay for college. Now he is using the proceeds as a college fund for his 3 children. 

Our most recent offering at the farm is Christmas Trees.  Scott Schuett the son of Rob Schuett started selling Christmas trees in 2006. Every year we have more and more customer pre-ordering their tress to get the perfect tree.

In 2016 we currently farm close to 2000 acres of corn, soybeans, and hay ground.  In addition, we plant and harvest about 25 acres of pumpkins. Rob Schuett’s full time job is running the farm.  When I say full time it really is full time… from sun up to sun down.

We are happy to be part of so many family traditions.  We see a lot of the same families each year because they have developed traditions of coming out to enjoy the farm.
Thank You!

Round Bales

Did you know?

Three painted pumpkins round bales at Schuett Farms

Over the years Schuett Farms has been known for their unique use of round bales. We paint pumpkin faces on the bales and create different things with them depending on the season. Each round bale weighs 1,000 pounds and is made up of primarly grass and alfafa. The bales that are not painted are used as feed for our animals.

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