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How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

You can take a few simple steps to keep your real tree looking great, smelling great, and holding its needles strong until Christmas and beyond!

At the farm we have all pre-cut Christmas trees. When you get your tree home you will want to cut about 1-2″ off the bottom of the tree. Cut at a slight angle to increase surface area. Immediately put the tree in a 5 gallon bucket filled with water. The tree will “drink” a lot of water, so leave it in the bucket for about 24 hours.

Get your stand all ready! Here’s a stand we recommend because it has a wide base to make it sturdy and it holds a full gallon of water:

Take the tree directly from the 5 gallon bucket to the stand and fill it with water right away – never let the tree stand go dry!! If the base of your tree is dry for more than 30 minutes the sap will seal it so you should re-cut so the tree can continue to “drink”.


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