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2013 Sweet Corn | Mukwonago Wisconsin Family Farm

2013 Sweet Corn | Mukwonago Wisconsin Family Farm

Our sweet corn is growing perfectly and is super sweet!!
Sweetest sweet corn in Mukwonago Wisconsin Waukesha Family Farm
Here’s a cute little video of Aubrey hard at work, picking sweet corn :)
Aubrey Picking Sweet Corn | Mukwonago WI Schuett Farm

Last night we had a birthday party so we fired up our turkey deep fryer! We shucked 2+ dozen corn and boiled water in the deep fryer. After we put the corn in and the water came back to a boil we let it continue to boil for 4 minutes….. perfection!! Could not have been easier :)

Sweet Corn is Ready!!!

Sweet Corn is Ready!!!

The drought is making it difficult to pick the corn. Right now, we don’t have as much corn ready to pick each morning as we would like so if you want corn please come early to make sure it isn’t sold out. All of our corn is bicolored this year and as always we do not spray the corn field with any pesticides!! Last year Hwy 83 was under construction so we weren’t able to sell at the farm but this year the highway is completely finished so all corn sales will take place at the farm. We are on Highway 83, north of Mukwonago, between Hwy I and Hwy X.
Waukesha Mukwonago Milwaukee Wisconsin Produce Farm Sweet Corn Family Farm

If you need a large order – more than 10 dozen – please give Brian a call (262.470.4348). He will have your order bagged and ready to pick-up.

Here are a few “Must-Haves” for your sweet corn…

A clean, convienent way to spread butter:

Fun little dishes, the perfect size and shape!

Round Bales

Round Bales

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather!! You know summer has arrived when you can smell the fresh hay!

Here is our round baler in action

in the fall these round bales will turn into pumpkin faces 😉


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