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2013 Sweet Corn | Mukwonago Wisconsin Family Farm

2013 Sweet Corn | Mukwonago Wisconsin Family Farm

Our sweet corn is growing perfectly and is super sweet!!
Sweetest sweet corn in Mukwonago Wisconsin Waukesha Family Farm
Here’s a cute little video of Aubrey hard at work, picking sweet corn :)
Aubrey Picking Sweet Corn | Mukwonago WI Schuett Farm

Last night we had a birthday party so we fired up our turkey deep fryer! We shucked 2+ dozen corn and boiled water in the deep fryer. After we put the corn in and the water came back to a boil we let it continue to boil for 4 minutes….. perfection!! Could not have been easier :)

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

The sweet corn is ready!!! We are located just east of Hwy 83 on County Road I in Mukwonago, WI this year due to road construction in front of the farm.

Enjoy the corn!!

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